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Dickies x Bashdown


Dickies x Bashdown


Dave Grohl wears them and countless workers: the Workershirts from Dickies.
The black Short Sleeve Work Shirt is super tough and looks outrageously good. You definitely can't go wrong with this shirt.
The black Dickies - Short Sleeve Work Shirt makes you look outrageously good. The real Workershirt convinces with its robustness.
As if by the way, the shirt also has an unmistakable loose style. With two sewn-on breast pockets with buttons and the brand logo sewn on the bottom hem, you can also head out to a dignified bar evening after work.

strictly LIMITED edition!
noble embroidery on the chest. 3 colors. Approx. 5 x 14 cm

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Dickies x Bashdown
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